500 Flood Damage Reduction Activities
400 Mapping and Regulations

Flood Damage Reduction Activities

This series awards credits for activities that reduce the risk of flood damage for existing structures in your community.

Series 400 focused on minimizing damage caused by new construction and development in your community, while the 500 series awards credits for actions taken to protect existing buildings. These actions include floodplain management planning, acquisition and relocation, flood protection, and drainage system maintenance.

A crucial part of Series 500 is the Repetitive Loss List. Repetitive Loss Properties (RLPs) are properties that have had two or more National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) claims over $1,000 paid within any 10 year period subsequent to 1978. These properties account for an outsized amount of future loss but represent a relatively small number of policies within the NFIP. FEMA maintains a list, called the Repetitive Loss List, for communities who are in the CRS or interested in participating in the CRS. For communities with repetitive loss properties, cycle review of the Repetitive Loss List is required as a minimum requirement for participation in program. These communities are required to keep their Repetitive Loss List updated and they must submit a Repetitive Loss List Community Certification (CC-RL) at each verification visit. There are different categories of repetitive loss communities as well as category-dependent requirements for reporting during verification visits. They are as follows:

Category # of RLPs Verification Visit Reporting Requirements
A 0 None
B 1-50 Prepare a map of repetitive loss area, list the addresses of properties with insurable buildings within those areas, engage in an annual outreach to those addresses, submit a signed CC-RL, a description of the causes of the repetitive flooding
C 50+ Fulfill the requirements listed for Category B, prepare and adopt a repetitive loss analysis (see Activity 510)

Outreach projects for Category B and C communities can submitted for credit under Activity 330 and must communicate:

  • That the property is within or near a flood area
  • Suggested mitigation or property protection measures
  • Possible financial assistance sources
  • Basic information about flood insurance

Average Credits in Series 500 are distributed as follows:

Activity Maximum Credits Possible Maximum Credits Earned Average Points Earned % of Communities Credited
510 Flood Management Planning 622 514 175 64%
520 Acquisition and Relocation 2,250 1,999 195 28%
530 Flood Protection 1,600 541 73 13%
540 Drainage System Maintenance 570 454 218 43%

This CRS guide was produced by CRS professionals and Certified Floodplain Managers to help you navigate the Community Rating System. It is not meant to replace FEMA's official CRS Coordinator's Manual, nor should it supersede the instructions given by your ISO/CRS Specialist.

For additional resources, visit https://crsresources.org/ .