600 Warning and Response
400 Mapping and Regulations

Warning and Response

The 600 Series activities award credits for work that your community is doing to respond and warn residents during flood events.

Robust emergency warning and response systems are crucial for communities that are exposed to flood hazards. The activities in this series award points for planning and preparation around flooding (due to rain, levee or dam failures, and flooding of nearby water bodies). Activity 610 focuses on the relationship between emergency warning and flood response planning. The subsequent two activities, 620 and [630]((/documentation/630-dams), hone in on maintenance and response plans for specific infrastructures (levees and dams, respectively). CRS Community averages for each of these activities are as follows:

Activity Maximum Credits Possible Maximum Credits Earned Average Points Earned % of Communities Credited
610 Flood Warning and Response 395 365 254 20%
620 Levees 235 207 157 0.5%
630 Dams 160 99 35 35%

Note that only a very small percentage of communities receive credits for 620 Levees.

This CRS guide was produced by CRS professionals and Certified Floodplain Managers to help you navigate the Community Rating System. It is not meant to replace FEMA's official CRS Coordinator's Manual, nor should it supersede the instructions given by your ISO/CRS Specialist.

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