300 Public Information Activities
400 Mapping and Regulations

Public Information Activities

This series awards points for activities related to the dissemination of public information.

300 series activities are core to the Community Rating System (CRS) because they encompass both documentation and communication of flood information to the public. As a result, many of the activities in 300 series will apply to other elements in the CRS. The first activity in the series, 310 Elevation Certificates, is required for participation in the program and involves management of the Elevation Certificates (ECs) your community has on file. This activity is particularly important as a key indicator of NFIP compliance.

Later activities within the series deal with the dissemination of public information. Depending on the size and location of your community, your public outreach might take a variety of forms. Public information activities can include creating outreach projects, such as distributing brochures and websites, providing elevation certificates and map information, sharing hazard and flood protection information with your community, and promoting the purchase of flood insurance. Part of your initial CRS planning should deal with how this outreach will be maintained and by whom.

Generally, communities entering the CRS often find the 300 activities to be a good place to start digging in, as you are likely engaging in some form of outreach already. The average CRS credits awarded for these activites are broken down below:

Activity Maximum Credits Possible Maximum Credits Earned Average Points Earned % of Communities Credited
310 Elevation Certificates 116 116 38 96%
320 Map Information Service 90 90 73 85%
330 Outreach Projects 350 350 87 93%
340 Hazard Disclosures 80 62 14 84%
350 Flood Protection Information 125 125 38 87%
360 Flood Protection Assistance 110 100 55 41%
370 Flood Insurance Promotion 110 110 39 4%

This CRS guide was produced by CRS professionals and Certified Floodplain Managers to help you navigate the Community Rating System. It is not meant to replace FEMA's official CRS Coordinator's Manual, nor should it supersede the instructions given by your ISO/CRS Specialist.

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